We build the best bass jigs in America. Period, end of story. Our products have cashed checks on every major professional circuit in America. They have won collegiate titles, tour events and so many local derbies across the US, we stopped counting years ago. Our jigs are crafted with the finest US made materials, and feature durable finishes, premium Mustad or Trokar Hooks (on select models) and skirt bands that last for years under the harshest conditions in which you store them. We have a model for every technique and produce over 70 colors of all of them.  Custom skirts are a phone call away and if you can send a pic, odds are we can make it happen in short order.  That is why they have graced the pages of BASSMASTER, FLW OUTDOORS, BASSIN MAGAZINE and BASS TIMES.  It is also why professional anglers, guides, and hard core bass addicts across North America keep us on speed dial year round...Try any of ours and you will see why this is so. 

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