The Hard baits produced by this small batch manufacturer are on the verge of achieving secret weapon status on impoundments of the upper Tennessee River"  FLW OUTDOORS Magazine October 2013...

Our hard baits are not secret anymore. They are sought after by anglers in the know at every level.  We build them out of a proprietary blend of composite materials that are tough enough to withstand any punishment you can dish out, while retaining performance characteristics of wood.  We run over them with trucks and burn them with blow torches and pound them with claw hammers for fun on our social media page to prove the point.  They are built for durability and to perform in ways thermoform plastic and wood body baits can't.  Throw them once and you will believe. Every bait is hand made start to finish with premium materials including fiber board lips, stainless screw eyes and top quality rings. Mustad KVD short shank triple grip hooks are standard equipment. They are coated with an extra tough two part epoxy based clear coat that keeps the paint on your bait fresh for years and resists hook rash, fade and chipping like no other. Beat it off rocks, concrete,  run over it with a truck... it can take it.  

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