When you get to heaven one day, the Lord will hand you a rod and reel and point you to the the vast rivers in heaven. Where the skies are fair, the waters calm and flowing and the top water bite is always on, and the fish are always big.   That is what we believe. Because nothing is better than a giant blow up...

Our composite topwater baits are as tough as our crank baits. Because they are made from a proprietary variant of the same stuff. Have run ins with toothy critters like Muskie,  Walleye, Pike and the occasional Alligator Gar?  No sweat...Let em chew on it.  They can be cast a mile and perform in ways traditional baits cannot perform.  Our Hawg Dawg is the stuff of legend on our home lakes East Tennessee and anglers across, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia and North Carolina have been purchasing them in cases for the past 3 years. They have taken trophies from coast to coast and graced the pages of national publications. Every bait is hand made start to finish, features premium paint and top coats and Mustad KVD Triple Grip Hooks make sure your giant blow up doesn't turn into a giant heart break. Action, Durability and Performance in one package...and before you ask...yes we make them in real bone white...custom paint jobs are a phone call away as well. 

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