We have more colors in our line than most all our competition. It is one trait of our company we are most proud of.  Our skirts are constructed of US Made Materials of the highest quality for superior action and longevity, premium bands that don't rot in heat or get brittle in cold and last for years if stored properly. and we have a color for every need. If you don't see exactly what you are looking for online, all you have to do is call. Odds are we can save you the time and expense of doing it yourself, because we buy everything in bulk and with a high quality picture we can replicate your secret weapon in no time.

At PPJ we understand how tough it is to keep secrets, so you can rest assured your secrets are safe with us. It's one of the chief reasons men and women who earn a living on the water have trusted Pure Poison with their custom skirt needs for a decade.

 Bulked up 66 strand skirts and 100 strand monster skirts are available. If you need something bigger than that, you can have it with a phone call.. Our skirts are 100 percent interchangeable with every jig and spinner bait we make, so you can create your own custom arsenal on a budget and switch out to match the hatch on the water without ruining your baits and depleting your wallet.. 

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