" Its like throwing a stick of dynamite "  That's how one of our test professionals described it's effects on Kentucky Lake during testing in 2016.  This 3 joint composite swim bait is built off our Power Glide Platform.  Same profile, different look.  It is a true swim bait with undulating action provokes giants...It can burned on high speed reels in heavy current or lazily reeled along ledges as well.  It is tougher than anything you can do to it and uses premium hardware and is built in fashion to endure punishment that skins the paint right off and destroys lesser baits. It was designed and built to perform with the same processes we use on every product we build and was tested for many months before it came to market.  Same tail system as the Power Glide you can repair with a little knowledge in the event one is chewed off (but we haven't lost one yet ourselves) and it is hand made start to finish. Weight is 2.7 ounces and length is just under   inches. .. Custom paint is available. 

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