Our Shakey heads are some of the best you can buy.  We build ours with a 4/0 Mustad straight shank hook and premium steel coil spring for top performance. Our shakeys have a reputation for keeping fish hooked and that alone eliminates the fear tournament anglers have that says throwing a shakey will get you beat every time...

  For anglers looking to fish bigger baits, our goliath model lets you fish deep and rig big worms and creature baits with ease thanks it's 6/0 EWG hook.  Looking for a trokar hook equipped model?  Yeah we make those too, because we were the first to do so and are still the best at it.. Unpackaged  Bulk orders of our standard models are available painted or unpainted by phone order only to licensed retail businesses and PPJ dealers who wish to start a house brand, but don't want the hassle of production. Call for information..

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