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Here is a dirty little flat side plug in our most infamous paint scheme we call " Angry Craw"   This is the color that was repeatedly referred to as " an unknown red crankbait of local origin" during the 2019 Bassmaster Classic when on our PJ-6 cranks stormed into the lead and almost won the whole thing that year.  It's got one hell of a story behind that, and how the angry craw scheme came to be, which we may tell you if you call us and want to hear it as that story never got told in 2019 and Angry Craw got left out of the media publications a month later when all the top performers were reviewed in print and the online press.  

 Today we do something different with this scheme, which was popular before 2019 and went darned near viral afterwards. We donate the proceeds from sales of this color to charities who support persons battling cancer. (Because at the time I created it, I myself was doing exactly that.) 

 This little flat side is good to about 6 feet.  Has a moderately tight wobble and the square bill makes it bounce off cover like a champ.  Its equipped with premium rings, 2 part epoxy top coating and Mustad Triple Grip Treble Hooks (size 6)  It has a soft rattle and runs true.  If you wish to whack Tennessee River System bass Fall to early spring, this is your color. 


Mike Cole (owner Pure Poison Jig Company )