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This one is a custom color we brewed up specifically for targeting smallmouth. Its a combo of old school bone white, with just enough color to make it mimic various forages from cool water crawfish to winter shad.  In sunny conditions it will reflect just a shade of the blue highlight, in cloudy conditions it's back will look darker. The white and orange works in stained or clear conditions. 
It's featured on a 3 inch clone blank we call an F6 Flat side. We tweak the blank before it sees paint to make it do a little something different. The bait rattles moderately, has a coffin bill and a tight wiggle. We hang #6 Mustad Triple Grip Trebles on it, with #2 rings. It's airbrushed and hand coated with 2 ton clear epoxy, spun for 6 hours to level it out, and cured for 48 hours. We think you will like it. 
There are 9 of this model in this hue available this year. Once they are gone, that's it.  We will feature this color on other models you can find here in the Area 51 collection as we get them made. 
 Mike Cole Owner Pure Poison Jig Company LLC