C Series Composite Crank Bait    Slow C

C Series Composite Crank Bait Slow C

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This 2.25 inch bait is one of our favorites for cooler shallow applications.  It has a small profile to mimic “bite sized” bait fish, but punches like a heavy weight. 

It  suspends at a depth of 6-8 feet dependent upon water temps. Once at depth it stays right where you put it, until you move it. It excels on slow to medium retrieves but can be burned for more aggressive presentations, spinning tackle is recommended. 

  On retrieve it has a tight wiggle and distinctive thump you can feel.  It excels when fished “jerk bait style” with short retrieves followed by slow sweeping movements of the rod to creep it around cover…followed by a pause…It’s reputation as a bank cleaning machine during the early spring and late fall has made it a fan favorite.

  Every bait is hand constructed.  Premium lacquer paints, dome eyes, hardware and rings, KVD Triple Grip Treble hooks and hand applied top coats are standard equipment