Poison Peanut Jigs

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The peanut head bass jig has been a favorite of East Tennessee Anglers for decades.  We took this versatile workhorse of a small jig and made it better back in 2005 and again in 2009 and it has been one of the Flag Ship Products of line since. The Poison Peanut features a stout Mustad Extra Wide Gap Hook, and the perfect eye geometry to allow the angler to use it as either a flipping jig, or swimming jig. It has a built in skirt retainer to keep the big ones from “yanking your shorts off” which also gives the skirt extra flare. Like everything we make, it has a saltwater grade band and premium finishes for unmatched durability.  It excels in crawling through rocky terrain and Big Small Mouth crush it.

sold in bags of 3 jigs per color