Tour Edition Poison Peanut Head Jig 1/2 OZ with Pro V Trokar Flipping Hook

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   Yeah, there is already a waiting list for this one.  Because it’s that good. In fact, we say it’s probably the meanest bass jig you are going to see for a while…until we release the next one.

Perfect in form and function, the Tour Edition Peanut was engineered to perform in any condition.  Equipped with a 30 degree, flat eye, 5/0 Trokar Pro V Flipping Hook, and full sized fiber weed guard, it’s more than a match for the biggest bass.  Doesn’t matter where they are hiding. This jig excels in brush due to it’s weed guard geometry.  It crawls over rocks because of the head design.  The hook shape allows you to fish it in vegetation with minimal difficulty.  It can be crawled, hopped, stroked, swam, or dragged with ease.  The unique design keeps the profile tight and the integrated plastic spar keeps your trailers straight and in place. When Mr. Mossy Back bites it, you can bust his head with a flick of the wrist. It’s available in both 5/16 oz and ½ oz models, which gives you an option in any water, structure, or weather condition you face…and because we make it, you can have it in any just about any color you wish. Custom variants with hand tied flat living rubber skirts are available with an email and minimal upcharge.  Simply put, it’s the one of the best designs ever created by Pure Poison Jig Company, because it was built to perform when reputations, tour titles and livelihoods are on the line.