Bushmaster Trokar Stand Up Jigs

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Bushmaster Trokar Stand Up Jig

The first models of this jig were built specifically for a professional guide service on the Great Lakes who favored stand up jigs on offshore structure which required a tight profile, but needed something capable of hitting hard in deep water… We told him “it shouldn’t be too hard to do” and a few days later the problem was solved.  It's what we do at Pure Poison. 

Then our pro staff and a handful of trusted clients on the pro circuits heard about it and began to throw it.  A single modification followed. The pro feedback came in the form of referrals for custom versions, ordered in bulk lots and some interesting barter arrangements were made... and our little black book of client contact information became even more impressive. 

Then the hardware started stacking up in trophy cases, and we decided this one was too good to keep to ourselves. 

The Bushmaster Trokar retains every great quality of the standard model, 66 strand skirts, full size guard, and premium top coat is standard, with the improved deep water hook up ratio of our Trokar Lines. A flick of the wrist is all it takes. It is outstanding in near vertical presentations. Deep small mouth find it hard to resist.

 It’s a personal favorite of many of our staff, and now a number of prominent professionals we help out from time to time as well.

Proving once again… “Innovation Lives Here"

sold in bags of 3 jigs per color