Crank Shop Customs    P 75 Series Jerk Baits

Crank Shop Customs P 75 Series Jerk Baits

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The P 75 is another wildly popular jerk bait because it produces, even under tough conditions. The 75 has a stellar reputation when fish are pressured or suspended and finicky.  It can be stroked, ripped, reeled, and on our home waters absolutely excels when gently swept along with slow movements of the rod tip near weeds or when the waters are cool. It can be gently reeled and then "dead sticked " along cover during winter which is absolutely lethal. The  75 is one of the most versatile jerk baits you can find. 

  We have obtained high quality lure blanks directly from the overseas facilities where they are produced and added our own custom touches to these fine lures to make them even better. 

The P 75 is roughly 4.25 inches lip to tip and weighs 12.3 grams finished. Ours are equipped with holographic inserts which disperse light very efficiently, which makes the bait more visible to predators and allows us to create some gnarly custom variants you have not seen before.

They are equipped with premium hardware, 3-D dome eyes, Mustad KVD short shank triple grip hooks, size 6 and are airbrushed by hand with premium paints and coated in a durable 2 part epoxy based top coat to make them last for years. Custom colors are available with an email or phone call.