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Our newest model is a true all star worthy of the Pure Poison label. This jig combines the best features of our Peanut Head Jigs and traditional Arky style heads to give you an outstanding multi purpose jig head. 

It  excels in all  cover due to the curvature of the leading edge of the head and rounded jig sides, and equally effective in timber or light vegetation due to it's flipping jig like concave profile near the main body which flattens near the neck of the jig.  The jig is perfectly balanced nose to tip and can be  flipped, stroked, dragged, hopped, or even used in swimming presentations.  It's a flipping machine in the nastiest of cover and has a stout round bend heavy wire Mustad hook, that bites back when they do, a full size brush guard, and skirt retaining cone built in. No more lost skirts on big bites. Versatile applications, unmatched  performance and value.  Try these once and you be convinced they are the best in the business.