Suspend Shad DR Flat Side Composite Crank Bait

Suspend Shad DR Flat Side Composite Crank Bait

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This is a deep running version of it's square billed cousin.  It has an elongated narrow fiber board bill with a different line tie set up than the square billed suspend shad. 

As a result it has a very pronounced action which is tight and aggressive with a distinct side to side yaw that you have to see to believe. This bait thumps and hunts like a bear dog, nose down, tail up and wagging. When burned, less skilled anglers mistakenly believe it is rolling on its side if they don't watch it carefully. 

This 3 inch flat side  bait will suspend at a max depth of around 12-15 feet dependent upon water conditions and equipment used.  It is a small mouth catching machine in cooler weather.  Like the Square Billed version, you can creep this bait along for a less aggressive presentation. 

It's built by hand and made smoky mountain strong with premium paint, epoxy based coatings, 3-D eyes, premium rings and hardware and size 6  KVD short shank Triple Grips by Mustad dress it out as a plug this nice should be. It can take any abuse you or the fish can dish out and still run true. Want proof?  Check out our torture test videos on our Facebook page.