Glide X  7 inch Glide Bait

Glide X 7 inch Glide Bait

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The Glide X has very similar profile and action to a number of commercially produced baits .7 inches long nose to tip, and weighs 2.2 ounces finished with hooks attached. It has an awesome moderately tight glide that is butter smooth and natural in appearance. Big fish of multiple species just eat it up. The Glide X comes standard with premium 3 D Dome Eyes, Split Rings and size 2 Mustad KVD Short Shank Triple Grip Treble Hooks. It runs smoothly with longer shank hooks as well for those who prefer them. The Glide X is airbrushed by hand with premium paints you can't find just anywhere and coated with a durable two part epoxy based top coating system to maintain it's looks for the long haul. The Glide X looks and performs like swim baits that cost several times more than it. Which means you can purchase 2 or 3 of these, to give you multiple options to adapt to changing forage and water conditions, for the cost of a single one of those higher priced baits. Custom paint schemes produced just for you are available with an email or phone call.  Try one of these and you will be back for more, we guarantee it.