Grass Grenade Punch Jig NEW FOR 2017

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Bass love vegetation.  The thicker the better. It provides shade, food, oxygen, clean water, and a place to ambush prey while not becoming prey in the process. Yeah , their brain may be the size of pea, but they aren't stupid. 

It also makes getting to them with a jig tough, unless you have the patience of Job, the skill of a brain surgeon and a character worthy of sainthood.

That's where we come in, because frankly sometimes  our patience is lacking, our character is less than saintly, we don't do brain surgery well and we just wanna blow something up. 

We built the grass grenade for those times when Mr. Mossy Head buries himself up in a hellish layer of slop comprised of hydrilla, milfoil, bull rushes, lily pads, tourist trash and broken dreams where he sits contently watching you swear, sweat, swat swarms of blood sucking insects and spend five minutes trying to shake that little jig through his roof as you try to reach him, giggling at you before he extends a middle fin and swims away to the next grass mat. 

It has a head shaped to penetrate the gnarliest stuff you can pull up on, has a stout 5/0 heavy wire Mustad hook, a 66 strand skirt, and full size weed guard. Now you can force a reaction bite from Mr. Mossy Head when you invade his inner sanctum with a thump two seconds after you throw it and you don't have to spend 90 bucks on a handful of tungsten weights your buddy is gonna 'borrow"  to get the job done . 

 Bulked up 100 strand skirts available by custom order. Call for pricing. 

3 Jigs Per Bag 

 Additional Weights Coming Soon!!