Hawg  Dawg Walking Top Water Chugger

Hawg Dawg Walking Top Water Chugger

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Anyone who was ever hunted bear or wild hogs with a pack of Walker Hounds or big slobbering Plott Hounds knows what this name is about…because in every pack there is that one dog…usually a male, usually in his prime, the strongest, toughest, and quite frankly, the surliest dog in the pack who can take it like he dishes it out, who always leads the charge into the Laurel where the game animal is dug in and ready to rumble…often he bears scars from his encounters, but he always comes out on top…the same can be said about this bait.

 It's a bad ass...plain and simple.

 Nothing else on the market even compares to it, nothing is as durable and when used the way it was created to be used, nothing outperforms it...period...end of story.

 It  provokes giant fish of every species...It has taken trophies all over North America and in parts of Asia and Europe as well. 

 It has even been used in salt water a few times and lived to tell the tale.

 The Hawg Dawg is a big bodied composite chug bait with distinctive features that make it superior to any top water bait in its class. 

 1. It is silent ( because we have never heard a shad rattle).   

 2. It walks like a spook…some say better…which means you can make it “jog in place” in those tight spots where big bass hide or use it in open water where you would normally " walk the dog" with a non chugging bait.  This bait does both at once. 

 3. It is heavier than plastic but more buoyant…which means it displaces more water when chugging and walking, which equals more racket. It also means you can cast it a mile in the open or roll cast it far back into places where other baits can't reach. 

 4. It stays in contact with the water and the fish during big blow ups, which means you hook up more and whine less. No more watching your bait blasted into the air and waiting for a pull that never comes, wondering how in the world you missed that fish.

 5.  You can beat it with a claw hammer, burn it with a torch, and run over it with a truck...literally…and it won’t let you down…need proof? Check out our Torture Test Video on our Facebook page…Need references? Check out our Wall of Fame, or the October 2013 issue of FLW Outdoors…we think that will be all it takes to convince you of how good this bait really is.