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 We built it for one reason…to give our customers an answer to the “over- priced because they have to pay for the dudes name on it”…big box brand products that tout their prowess at yanking toads out of the nasty stuff…The HC is our best heavy cover jig yet.  Every component is designed to allow you to punch through the nastiest stuff you can find, generate bites, and winch log donkeys out of it with one strong pull… Every jig has a 5/0 heavy wire straight shank Mustad hook, 66 strand skirt, heavy duty band, 3 D dome eyes, and premium finishes to give you the most effective, realistic heavy cover jig on the market…and it is available in every skirt color we produce, something the “big boys” won’t do… because their corporate profit margins over ride customer satisfaction in their Hierarchy of Needs, and because they have had the market cornered with the same ten colors…till now. So give these a try, and save some money because the only name you pay for on these, belongs to us.

sold in bags of 3 jigs per color