River Rat Square Bill Composite Flat Side Crank Bait

River Rat Square Bill Composite Flat Side Crank Bait

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This bait was inspired by a number of small flat side cranks built in garages all over Tennessee by a number of legendary bait smiths, many of whom have passed on.  The river rat is a special bait.  It is very thin, -relatively light, and has the tightest wiggle of any bait in our composite bait series.

This shallow running square billed version of this  3 inch bait runs approximately 4-6 feet deep at max depth.

 This bait has  an extra tight wiggle and excels on rocky rip rap banks.  It hunts nose down and wildly grinds the bottom darting to and fro with a distinctive tail kick unique to this design.

Like every composite bait in the line, it is able to withstand punishment no wood or plastic bait in its size class could hope to endure.  Premium paint, top coats, 3 D eyes premium hardware and size 6 KVD Triple Grip trebles complete the package…