Super P SQUARE   Square Bill composite Crankbait

Super P SQUARE Square Bill composite Crankbait

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The Super P Square is an all season square billed crank bait bait that dives to a maximum range of 10 feet.

It can be run effectively in super shallow water as well. It excels when worked along gnarly banks with variances in depth and deflects off cover well.  It can be left motionless and allowed to rise around obstacles immediately after deflections without breaching which generates ferocious reaction bites.

It can be allowed to suspend at depth and wallow about cover as well, allowing the angler to "worm fish" with it. (There is high definition video of this action on our Instagram site shot in a tank) It can be burned for more aggressive approaches as well with no loss of action.

The composite construction allows it to absorb punishment no "normal" wood or plastic bait can hope to endure. Check out our torture tests on our Facebook Page to see what we mean.  It has a medium wide wiggle similar to the classic DT type baits but with a more distinctively refined thump felt on retrieve.  High quality paint and epoxy based top coats, Mustad Triple Grip KVD short shank trebles and premium rings complete the package. 

Big bass love it and frequently choke it head first.  Better have some good pliers when you throw this one.