Suspend Shad Composite Flat Side Square Bill Crank Bait

Suspend Shad Composite Flat Side Square Bill Crank Bait

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Who says you can't build a 3 inch long, thin backed, flat side crank bait, with a short square bill, that has a tight wiggle, which can suspend level like a jerk bait and will run 12 feet deep in 40 degree water?

Basically everyone...until we rolled this bait out in 2012. 

The Suspend Shad is the second generation of composite Crank Baits we produced. It is a favorite among our East Tennessee Customers where throwing flat sides is religion come cool weather and shorter days. It is a cold water assassin of the highest order. It can be slow rolled or fished in a slow creeping fashion with long pauses like a jerk bait and will not leave the depth where you put it. It has an ultra tight wiggle and hunting action when burned. It can be lazily bounced off cover to mimic foraging bait with pauses between deflections...and it gets munched on with frightening regularity. 

Did we mention you can also run over it with a pick up truck or stomp on it in work boots and do nothing to it...literally?  It was designed with durability in mind. Something most traditional flat sides lack. Something we knew anglers needed and would clamor to find.