Suspend Shiner S Composite Crank Bait

Suspend Shiner S Composite Crank Bait

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The inspiration for the suspend shiner is obvious when you see it.  Nothing beats a minnow shaped bait creeped along rocky terrain when the water is cold or the bite is slow.

  We built this one to go deeper, cast further, and take on big fish, and bad terrain simultaneously without the fear of your plug never running straight again after you bash it on rip rap or a Walleye uses it for chew toy. It's composite construction assures you of that and you can now throw a little minnow into the wind with no loss of performance on the cast. 

  It suspends at a depth of 6-8 feet give or take,  dependent on water conditions and tackle employed. It sinks slowly in the nose down tail up attitude at 8-9 inches per second.  It also suspends this way on the pause. It is a superior version of this fantastic class of baits that works when nothing else will provoke a bite. 

 Spinning tackle is recommended  for best performance with this bait.