Shad X  5 inch Swim Shad

Shad X 5 inch Swim Shad

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This is one bad little hombre for the price. The 5 inch Shad X has 5 joints, bound by a durable nylon/dacron sleeve which gives the bait a nice tight swimming action and allows the angler to " spin it" with sharp jerks of the rod tip with ease. It is a slow sink model and falls about one foot per second. It needs no modifications to effectively perform from 6 inches to 14 feet in depth right out of the box. It does make moderate noise on the retrieve due to its flexibility and can be effectively weighted with a pegged tungsten sinker in front of the nose to make it go as deep as you wish. Big fish crush it with regularity and because it is well made and well finished, it can take the abuse and live to fight another day. It is equipped with a rotating front hook hanger to keep fish attached on the hook up. The Swim Shad weighs 1.50 ounces bone stock and finished, with hooks attached. They are painted with high quality paints and coated with a durable 2 part epoxy finish to preserve them for the long haul. Some anglers prefer to " dull them up" with an emery cloth which this bait tolerates with no loss of performance. Mustad size 2 triple grip trebles, high quality stainless split rings, and 3-D dome eyes complete the package. Custom schemes are available.  Just shoot us an email or give us a call to discuss what you have in mind.