Phat Rat Downsized  Composite Square Bill Crank Bait

Phat Rat Downsized Composite Square Bill Crank Bait

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Flat side action in a round bodied bait.  That sums up the Phat Rat.

This little crank bait is a cold weather killer on big fish. The Phat Rat is 3 inches long and weighs around 13 grams. It runs 6-8 ft deep dependent upon tackle used, and can be run in shallow depths measured in inches of water. It hunts extremely well and has a moderately fast/tight wobble.  It is a cold water assassin.

 Throughout one year of testing,( that began in late 2015) one trophy sized bass after another of every species was caught on this bait.  Proof of this can be found on our Instagram page.

The composite construction allows you to creep it through cover much more slowly with no loss of action, unlike traditional balsa or cedar baits which rise quickly on slower retrieves.  The square bill brings it through the rough stuff like a champ. So you can keep it in the strike zone longer.  It can be burned with ease without climbing when fish are more aggressive and has a very pronounced tail kick when burned. 

Size 6 KVD Triple Grip Mustad Hooks are standard.  Each bait is hand made start to finish and painted with high quality paints and premium top coating for resistance to hook rash and chips. You can bash it off rocks and concrete all you want with no fear of breakage or lost performance experienced when throwing wood baits in such a fashion.   

More colors coming soon.  Custom paint schemes available. Call for pricing.