The Slider,  Top Water Walking Bait

The Slider, Top Water Walking Bait

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First of all, do not refer to it as a "spook"  Because this thing does things those other walking baits simply will not do. It's the first new top water bait we have released since 2011. The Slider is silent because we have never heard a shad rattle. It is approximately 3.5 inches long nose to tail, and weighs around 170 grams. In spite of it's weight, it floats at rest due to it's construction from composite materials. The Slider is named that because it's walking motion is tight and so smooth it appears to slide in cadence to even the slightest movements of the rod tip. Anglers with skill can " snap walk" it and cause this beast to turn nearly 180 degrees and face what is chasing it, to taunt those uncommitted followers we all encounter from time to time. The slider can " jog in place" in an identical fashion to our infamous Hawg Dawg Walking Chugger, and because it is made of composites, you can throw this thing as far as you wish, at will, with casting or spinning tackle, and it will absorb as much punishment as you can dish out on rocks, concrete, docks, and anything else you wish to bounce it off without breaking..( try that with your favorite wood or plastic bait)  It comes equipped with size 4 Mustad Short Shank Triple Grips and is hand made start to finish with only the best components including premium paints, epoxy based top coating, premium split rings and hardware. 3 D dome eyes complete the look and give it added realism.. Custom painted variants are available. Call for information and pricing on custom schemes.