At PPJ we know a little something about jig fishing.  We have 17 years of electronic sales data drilled down to region, season, bodies of water etc.  We also have years of experience sponsoring or supporting tour professionals on every major circuit, professional guides etc. across the U.S. and most importantly, we fish year round, day and night ourselves on the Tennessee River System and many of it's smaller tributaries. 

We decided to build a series of jig kits specific to techniques  or situations you may encounter, as well as kits containing " heavy hitters" for specific regions, and a handful we have dialed in for specific bodies of water. 

We have jig kits for every skill level and budget.  From basic to expert. 

Each kit contains an assortment of  jigs in various styles, weights, and colors.  Each kit has it's contents labeled so you can return to the site and reorder refills of your favorite styles and colors later on.  The jig skirts are 100 percent interchangeable between models making these kits extremely versatile on the water.  

And sometimes...the boss puts something in these you can't see or buy online as a bonus.  These make great gifts for any occasion. 

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