About US

Pure Poison Jig Company was created by a competitive angler  in 2005 out of need.  The need to build one bass jig that would outperform everything available at the time.

That need arose from failure...in late 2004... a broken hook, a championship on the line, and twenty one weeks of entry fees, fuel bills, tackle, time, effort and energy all vanished in a split second... The one fish lost, was a giant.. with 12 minutes to go...a thousand yards from the weigh in...in a blinding thunderstorm where the bites were tough...and I lost that championship by four ounces.

Second place may be nice for some...for me second place sucks. 

Let me introduce myself,

 I am Mike Cole, founder, owner, and CEO of Pure Poison. I am also the accountant, maintenance director, janitor, shop foreman, marketing director and director of research and development and human resources..

Get the picture?  

Before you ask, yes I do have some workers now.  But for the most part this is a solo operation where it counts.

Pure Poison has evolved over time into something much larger than was intended. That growth was possible because at PPJ myself and my staff build baits with purpose in mind. Every product is intended to solve a fishing problem. 

Our favorite catch phrases are  "says who?"   " so what?"   and "why not" followed by "how'  

We don't adhere to conventional thinking or the status quo in fishing. We question all the "norms" the industry seems to have established and we defy conventional wisdom on a regular basis.

We don't build them, market them, promote them, or sell them like anyone else. 

It's what we are known for.  Defiantly turning conventional thought on it's ear and building things that do stuff unlike anyone else and delivering it anglers directly sans middlemen and expensive endorsement deals that are the norm in our industry. 


That is why our stuff does not look like, nor does it perform like all that other stuff you find in your local big box outdoor store, or from other online manufacturers.

Pure Poison gear is built to  different standards, higher standards, with different processes, materials, and unique purposes in mind to outlast and out perform the competition.

 Because to this day we hate losing and we don't like second place.

When you fish some of our gear you have to teach yourself to operate it in a different fashion and when you figure it out, the results will speak for themselves.

It's why our reputation as a true custom lure shop has grown year after year and we put the same effort into building your bait, as we do building baits for our tour professional and professional guide clients. 

 It's why a little company in the hills of East Tennessee has survived and thrived in tough times in an industry plagued with competition the likes of which you cannot fathom, in an economy where selling toys to fisherman is often a risky proposition and Forrest Wood Cup Champions, Collegiate Champs, Classic Contenders and a number of professional guides, and passionate amateurs remain in our quiet little inner circle of friends and consultants and Magazine Covers blanket our wall of fame in our little shop known as " Area 51"

Every bait we build has a little piece of me and my employees in it. Every customer matters.  Every order is important and we give our best with every build and I hope you give my company and it's products a try. 

Mike Cole CEO and Founder