Just like grandpa used to throw, except way better. At PPJ we started with living rubber.  Over the years the industry gravitated away from it's use.  But we continued to produce them quietly in limited numbers to our " special customers" who requested them.  Now you can buy them too. 

At PPJ we don't do thread, to tie the skirts. We used braided line. No glues necessary when it's tied correctly. We use Flat Living Rubber in both medium and fine cuts only. No heavy blends or round rubber for us.  Flat Living Rubber has superior action and is deadly in cool water and for that reason, we refuse to use anything else.  You should too. 

The colors are basic, a few include silicone strands for accents. (Because flat living rubber is only made in a handful of colors).  They are meticulously hand tied with love Just like Uncle Reuben taught us to do it way back in 1981. (when we used to cut up spent bicycle innertubes with a pair of aunt Bobbie's scissors and an exacto knife to make black material)  They aren't cheap, because time is money.  These jigs take time to make properly.   We don't apologize for it either. 


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