Since our inception way back in 2005, our little garage tackle making lab has been referred to by our local fans and numerous professional clients as   " AREA 51" 

They say that because 1.  Most never know what exactly is going on in there behind closed doors. (except for that one time the new neighbors called the cops because they thought we were cooking drugs...and that time the fire department got called after a small "lab accident" happened)

2. Preferred work hours occur under the cover of darkness. 

3. There have been numerous instances of misdirection, and downright deception deployed in the research done there to keep new projects under wraps even as rumors swirl after certain things are inadvertently spotted during testing... " it 's  just a weather balloon", nothing to see here..." 

 4. When stuff comes straight outta AREA 51,  it usually does something completely different, it catches fish, and the competition dismiss it at first, only to try to rush to clone it. later once they realize they are in a fishing arms race and they are losing....

Here you will find select items we haven't traditionally promoted online, or you thought had gone away, tricked out stuff unsuitable for mass production, weird colors not in the PPJ lineup, discontinued items, components and stuff stolen from the CEO's private stock.  You will also find on occasion, small production runs of seasonal products, clearance items, or custom items somebody didn't pay for. Quantities are limited on items found here, to stock on hand only.  




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