PPJ was founded by and is wholly owned by a Registered Nurse who works a "real job" in public health.  That being said at PPJ we exercise every precaution recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to ensure the safety of our customers. We exercise diligence in handwashing, social distancing, and mask use in the shop when more than 2 people are present.  Our people most noticeably the chief himself have been fully vaccinated with MRNA vaccines to prevent COVID 19 as well.  We have processes in place to assure components are appropriately sanitized when they arrive off the airplane, and your packaging is exposed to UV light before we put your gear in it as well, a practice we implemented in March 2020.  We do not permit unauthorized visits to our production facility, all visits are by appointment only. Sick employees are not penalized for staying home and are encouraged to do so. We fully support public health and the measures necessary to mitigate COVID 19 and have extended those to our sponsorship requirements and abide by all measures imposed by local authorities and governing bodies related to the prevention of COVID 19. We encourage our customers to be vaccinated and encourage them to seek guidance from their Primary Care Providers or your local health department in obtaining vaccines.   You can find more information related to COVID 19 and it's prevention at the CDC website