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By popular demand, this little butt kicker is back for a limited time, in small batches only. When they show up here, you should buy them, as most of the time, when we paint these, they never last long enough to make it to the webstore. 

If you don't know it, well, this one is the EXACT " unknown red plug of local origin" that put on a show in the 2017 BASSMASTER CLASSIC on Fort Loudon Lake. The little angry craw showed up with an attitude. It was in it till the last cast, going toe to toe with the big boy brands, not backing up an inch, throwing and landing haymakers all week long. It took a lead on the second day, then led the derby until the last hour. It made multiple guys some really fat checks by championship Sunday. Had there been 15 more minutes on the clock on that final day, it just might have made Classic History. It came darned close to doing that...and most of you never heard a peep about it from anyone. 

It's the one nobody seemed to be able to identify, the only lure that got left out of the classic winning baits article in the magazine the following month, and the one everybody in the industry cloned by I-CAST later that same year. Every amateur plug painter in east TN made themselves a variant too. Because all of them knew what it was and who made it.  But guess what?  It's not just the way we paint it that makes it go.  It's what we do to it before it's inked that we will never reveal, that makes this one a legit ass kicker down the entire length of the Tennessee River System from late fall to late spring. It sounds different, it is different.  It's what we do in Area 51. What we always do in AREA 51.  Which is why a whole bunch of special guys keep buying these from us on the down low when we make them.  

It has one heck of story of how that Classic near miss played out. Only a handful of people in the inner circle and people who threw it in 2017 know the real story.  To this very day it's not spoken of that much.  That's cool.  But truthfully, the back story as to how this little clone plug in this exact color came to exist is even better. If you want to know that one, you have to ask me personally. But fair warning, before I'm done, you may be crying, I will be, it never changes.  The moment this color and this plug was born, was a life changing event for its creator in so many ways. 

It's 2.75 inches long, it has a soft trap like rattle sound that's quite unique. It's painted with automotive grade paint, top coated by hand and comes equipped with size 6 Mustad KVD short shank triple grips and premium rings.  It's a pain to make and joy to throw. Get ya one and see what happens.