Pure Poison Jig Company LLC

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We have 100 schemes  on display here.  We could easily load 400 more if the online platform could support the data.  Nobody in the industry offers you more variety than PPJ.  Some of the names are as wild as the schemes (something we are known for).

  Here is a little pro tip:   If you see a color name in our lineup, with a Lake Name in the prefix, followed by " Killer" in the suffix,  that's not hype.  At PPJ the " killer" surname is earned and never given to drive sales.  To earn that name, a color scheme has to consistently bust heads, year round, while used on multiple jig models, for consecutive years, while in use by amateurs and professionals alike.  That's why there are but a handful of our colors tagged with that coveted surname.  

If you don't see something here that tickles your fancy, just shoot us an email with a  high resolution picture of what you need made, and we can work out a custom order for you.