You can't find our products just anywhere.  That's by design. We aren't a big box bass jig brand (yet) and we really don't mind that one bit.  At PPJ we focus on quality before quantity.  Innovation versus duplication and we don't follow anyone's lead. They chase us instead.  At PPJ we compete with ourselves first, others last.  It's a model that has served us well for 17 years and the guiding philosophy we use to make every product has allowed our products to excel and forge their reputations in the fires of competition on the water, where hype means nothing and performance means everything. 

We make some of the best bass jigs in the industry, it's a fact.  Our products have produced pay checks at every level of competition without exception.  They have been featured in publications like BASSMASTER, FLW OUTDOORS, BASS TIMES,  BASS ANGLER, BASSIN MAGAZINE AND FISHING TACKLE RETAILER for a reason. We produce 17 models which gives you a jig for every type of terrain you face, every technique you wish to employ, and every weather or water condition you will encounter.  Our jigs are skirted with premium materials including a very durable skirt band that will last for years, Mustad Hooks, and durable finishes.  Custom variants are available with a phone call or email  Give our products a try and you will see why we are the choice of many tour professionals, guides and avid competitive anglers.  


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