At PPJ we are known for constructing the finest jigs money can buy.  Products that are built to higher standards. Products with reputations forged in the fires of competition. Lures which deliver results. Because fishing is our passion. 

That's why we have now created an entire lineup of our most popular models, equipped with Gamakatsu hooks, which many consider to be the finest hooks in the world. All models are equipped with the Gammy 59414 flat eye hook, in size 4/0.  These jigs are compact, durable, and razor sharp as one would expect. For now they are hand poured, until we get the commercial production of them in place which will happen by January 2024 barring any unanticipated delays. Once commercial production of the starting line- up featured now in this collection is in place, there will be additions to the line up made in short order. They will be available in every color we produce, and in hand tied living rubber and rattling variants as well. 


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