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You need a compact stand- up jig to flip into tight places or a jig you can use to just carpet bomb boulder piles and then park it there, gently rocking it about until Mr. Mossy Jaws gets so pissed off looking at it, he sees red, and decides to kill it, then eat it?  Well, here it is.  The Bushmaster G features a razor sharp, medium wire 4/0 Gamakatsu round bend hook, paired with a full size weed guard, and the head configuration is perfect when you need a stand- up profile in your trailer, that you can fish at a snail's pace. We make it in nearly a hundred colors, we can make you a custom variant in 355 "off the net colors" if you really want it, and it comes in silicone and living rubber variants as well.  Want one with rattles?  Fine we can do that too if you make a custom order by shooting us an email. Give these a try when you want something different to show them. The results will speak for themselves. SOLD 3 JIGS PER PACK